• Nick Schmidt

Virtual Offices - What are they and how can they help your business?

For start-up businesses and solopreneurs, one of the first hurdles is finding a location to operate their business. The solution for most is to run their businesses from their homes and this usually covers a majority of their needs. However, it also presents a number of problems that can reduce their legitimacy as a business, such as no reception services, no professional mailing address, and no professional meeting space. All of these problems can be solved by getting a virtual office.

At the CABC we offer a virtual office package that can boost your legitimacy as a small business that operates from home by offering the following services.

Professional Meeting Space

Our office will act as your business’ meeting space that you can access from 9-5 on weekdays. We have a professional boardroom that is perfect for meeting with clients, suppliers, staff members, and other businesses.


We offer a professional coworking space with excellent wifi, comfortable office chairs, coffee, tea, and lots of office equipment. It's all the convenience of an office without all the overhead of office space. Coworking spaces can inspire your work, connect you with local professionals, help you find business resources, and give you a space to stay focused on your work.

Professional Mailing Address

The CABC will give you a professional mailing address, rather than a home address. This address can be used on all company documents from business cards to Google listings. Your mail will be securely handled by our staff and you can pick it up at your convenience. Alternatively, we can review your mail for you, scan what is important and email it to you.

Reception Services (at a fraction of the cost)

A receptionist can give your business a significant professional touch while saving the entrepreneur a lot of time. However, hiring a full-time receptionist can be extremely expensive and not feasible for smaller operations. By using the virtual office package, you will have access to a receptionist from 9-5 Monday to Friday. This receptionist will screen calls for you, make appointments, and email you your messages daily.

By boosting your business’ professionalism, and adding seemingly costly services at a fraction of the price, the virtual office package can boost your small business and bring your operation to the next level.

Call us at 403-743-0347 to see how our virtual office package can benefit you.