• Nick Schmidt

Tracy Peters leading Commercial Property Q&A on October 22

We are very excited about our new Business Q&A Series being offered right here at the Business Centre.

Over the next year, we will be hosting a monthly event in which we will discuss topics that affect rural businesses with a goal of helping them build capacity through learning from one another and from local leaders in different fields.

October’s Business Q&A is Leasing/Purchasing Commercial Property for your business lead by Tracy Peters who, for the past 30 years, has been dealing in the transactions and management of Commercial Properties. Her wealth of knowledge comes from years of business management experience in a variety of fields. After moving to Stettler at 12 years old, her family became immersed in the business community and was vital in its growth over the years. She is now a leader within the business community and has her hands in a lot of different projects across our region.

“First of all, I love giving unsolicited advice” Joked Peters when asked about her community involvement, “Second of all, I love working with rural communities in a variety of ways. Outside of commercial properties, I am passionate about sustainable agriculture and value-added processing.”

If you have any questions about commercial properties and how to maximize your situation for your business, Tracy is the one to ask. Come to the event at 7:00pm on October 22nd at the CABC.

To register, visit https://www.centralalbertabusinesscentre.ca/event-details/purchasing-leasing-commercial-property-for-your-business. Registration cost is $25.00. You can attend in person or via Google meet.