• Nick Schmidt

Just B Diversity & Inclusion Consulting rents office at the Central Alberta Business Centre

B Adair of Just B Diversity and Inclusion Consulting has decided to plant his business roots at the Central Alberta Business Centre (CABC). When Wendy Rairdan started the business centre in August of 2019 her vision was to provide a space for small businesses to be able to transition from a home office to a professional workplace setting. The CABC makes it possible for small businesses to take the next step with a coworking space, business services and virtual offices.

Just B Diversity and Inclusion Consulting provides a safe and non-judgmental opportunity for individuals and businesses to learn about equity and the importance of creating and maintaining safe, supportive spaces. B does this through workplace inclusivity assessments, public speaking, in-person and online training, as well as mentorship. His business is helping to educate the larger community on diversity and inclusion.

“We are thrilled to have an entrepreneur like B running his business activities through the Centre. He is a great example of what business owners can achieve through hard work and collaboration with the community.” says Rairdan, Owner/Operator of the CABC.

When asked why he chose to rent an office out of the CABC, B mentioned that he valued the open, friendly and professional environment. “By having a dedicated workspace away from my home, I am able to focus on the huge to-do list of running my business. It has helped my productivity a lot,” B added.

Come by our new building at 4840 50th St to see what we can do for you and your business.