Introduction to Community Resiliency

There are so many topics within the topic that it is hard to know where to start. However, what we must do is keep talking about it.

Today at the business centre I was fortunate enough to sit in on Economic Disaster Resilience & Recovery Workshop brought to the community by the Stettler Board of Trade and facilitated by the Economic Developers of Alberta. CEO Leann Hackman-Carty spoke to us about many of the issues that a community faces when dealing with a crisis and how a community can survive a disaster from an economical standpoint.

Some of the items discussed today included:

- Natural, manmade and technological disasters pose specific challenges to economic development and how to foster long term community resilience.

- Understanding the four phases of the emergency management in order to better organize and identify appropriate actions

- Government Roles & Responsibilities after a Disaster and Canada’s Emergency Management Framework; information about how to declare a disaster, as well as the types of government assistance available in Canada.

- One in four businesses does not reopen after a disaster and what are the strategies to get local firms up and running more quickly and increase their ability to survive in the long-term.

-How you can create an effective communication plan, maintain open communication channels, provide timely information and dispel rumours.

-Role of the local government in recovery, ways to build back better, and how to identify specific economic diversification to further the resilience of the community.

Other topics were resiliency in development, zoning, technological challenges in communications, how different types of disasters cause different types of issues, what a resiliency framework looks like and much more.

The workshop was well attended by local town and county staff and surrounding communities all with a willingness to work together to improve regional resiliency.

If anyone would like to talk about business and community resiliency please contact Stacey Benjamin at the Stettler Board of Trade. You can also call me at the business centre if you would like to discuss ways on how to prepare your business in the event of an emergency. I am certainly no expert but I did learn a few things today and I would be willing to help you make an initial plan and help you to start thinking about your options.

Stay Safe

Wendy Rairdan, Community Manager CABC