• Nick Schmidt

Importance of a Resume and Resume Building Services

The importance of having a good resume cannot be overstated. It is the ‘first impression, before the first impression’. It gets your foot in the door for interviews. It defines who you are as a professional, what your strengths are, and it is a clear example of your communication skills. In a world where so many people are looking for jobs and competing for the same ones, it is important to understand how to create a document that accurately reflects and properly emphasizes your skills in a professional capacity.

Everyone’s resume situation varies. Some have a resume they haven’t dusted off for a long time, others don’t have a resume at all. In any case, having a resume is essential to the career path you intend to follow. The staff at the Central Alberta Business provide a resume building service that will leave you with a fantastic product that will help you succeed in getting the job.

Why should you choose the CABC to help build your resume?

  1. Professional and Unique Look: Help your resume get noticed with a professional, clean, and creative appearance. We have seen many resumes and know how to make yours stand out. We review for spelling, grammar and tone and can do the writing, proofreading, editing, layout, writing of a cover letter, and even give you tips on to best submit your resume.

  2. Helps Maintain an Objective Perspective: Knowing what to include on your resume can be challenging. Having a third party review your education, job experience, and extracurriculars can make your resume more efficient and interesting to your employer.

  3. Get into the Workforce Faster: Having a professional resume builder by your side may help get the resume monkey off your back. We can help you complete your resume and help you get back to applying to the jobs that matter to you.

  4. In-person or virtually: We can help you over video or you can bring your resume to the business centre. We service a large area and know that driving isn’t always feasible. Call us to book your appointment and we’ll discuss what works best for you.

It’s time your resume looked great, reflected your strengths, and was ready to hand out. Contact us at 403-743-0347 to book your resume building appointment at $40 per hour.

Once you land the interview, call to book an appointment for interview practice!