Coworking Movement

Times have changed and so has how we produce work as a society. No longer constrained to living in the same city as your head office or having to attend mandatory meetings in person (Zoom anyone?) coworking has exploded over the years to become one of the fastest growing business models in the world. Coworking is a professional space that lets you pay as you go for work space in an open, shared office concept. You don't have to stock coffee, maintain office equipment, own office furniture or even vacuum. For the cost of a day, weekly or monthly pass you just drop in, plug-in and get to work. When you are ready for a break there are people from different industries to talk to, collaborations to build and networking at every turn. Most coworking spaces even offer private meeting rooms and space to host your own events allowing you all the convenience of owning your own space but none of that pesky, expensive overhead. A lot of coworking spaces offer business events, social events and workshops too further broaden the connection between a coworking space and the greater community.

When you visit a busy coworking space you may see people in small meeting rooms, groups talking over large tables, people in big, soft chairs reading and drinking coffee or people with headphones on involved in a video call. At the risk of sounding fantastical, the atmosphere is almost popping with energy and ideas and you feel the opportunities and inspiration are endless. The four dreary walls, the glitching overhead lighting and the cold coffee are gone and what replaces that in this type of space is an energetic, happier working community.

Coworking spaces tend to have an open, collaborative floor plan with furniture to help you get your work done as well as furniture to help you relax too. Often explained as a cross between a coffee shop and an open office, coworking spaces invite you to work in your own way in a vibrant, professional atmosphere.

coworking vs. working at home

Most people love working at home... at first. After a while the lure of working in your pyjamas wears off and you start to feel uninspired and isolated. Work life begins to encroach on your personal life (or vice versa) and before you know it your work is less that what was before the dining table/desk and your work, and your personal life, just isn't what you wanted it to be. Coworking spaces get you up, get you dressed and out the door to have a full work day working around people you choose and with all the comforts and flexibility of home. It's no wonder it grown so fast.

A step further

Need a business address? You can use ours. Need a business phone number? You can use ours. We can help you run your entire business with our business services located in the same building as our coworking. If you need something just walk across the hall and it will be there. Our hope

We don't know how our coworking community will develop but we hope to see a mix of entrepreneurs, students, mobile workers, community members, home-based business owners, growing companies and more. The possibilities are endless and we are help you.