Community Futures

Though it may not be a familiar name to many, Community Futures has long been a supporter of the business community in rural towns and regions across Canada.  With over 300 offices spread across the provinces and territories, this government-funded non-profit organization has been around for over thirty years. Its main purpose is to support entrepreneurs and small business owners in every possible capacity.  And the best part? They provide these supports for limited to no cost for the client.  

Specifically in the East Central Alberta Region, Community Futures has been very active in financing and continually supporting local start-ups and small businesses.  Some of the main supports are alternative lending and business coaching. 

As an alternative lender, Community Futures provides loans to individuals who have been denied at financial institutions.  They give a chance to entrepreneurs and business ideas that banks may not find viable. Banks deny loans for many reasons. Some of these reasons include credit history, potential cash flow of the business idea, and the amount of the requested loan.  Community Futures is willing to look past these hold-ups and consider individuals who would normally be denied for these reasons.  

Community Futures’ staff include trained business development coaches who provide business coaching, business plan training, and marketing plan training.  Individuals who have never seen a business plan before, do not generally understand that a business plan requires one to make an average of 10 000 decisions.  This is daunting, to say the least, and can discourage even the brightest eyed entrepreneur. Community Futures has assisted countless individuals in hurdling any business roadblock they may face.  

Community Futures has a strong online presence and is on social media.  If you or anyone you know may benefit from their services, contact Nick Schmidt today at 587-432-5983 or email