Community Projects

Central Alberta Business Centre partners with community organizations, volunteer groups, local youth and residents to help manage projects that show economic value to the community.  For more information about any of these projects please call Nick Schmidt at 403-743-0347 or email

Behind the Business Video Project

November 2020

The Central Alberta Business Centre is creating a community promotional video that we are calling ‘Behind the Business’ to feature the great businesses within our community.  This video will be composed of still shots of local businesses and their owners or manager(s) amalgamated together to show our business community as a whole.  We are familiar with many of our local businesses, but we don’t always know the people behind them, so we will be creating this fantastic engagement tool for customers both inside and outside of our community. 


We ask that all pictures be submitted by November 16th at 5pm.  This will allow us to create a video that will act as a business community advertising piece for our busy Christmas season.  

The Central Alberta Business Centre will be collecting all pictures and developing the final product.


Note: If you are taking your picture with a phone, please turn it to horizontal/landscape mode.  This format will work better for the video and allow us to create a higher quality product.  

To participate, the owner or manager must submit a picture, of themselves in front, or inside, their business.  You can submit your picture to Nick Schmidt at


Paint for Prosperity Project


The owners and staff of the Central Alberta Business Centre feel strongly about giving back to the community in a way that benefits the community economically and socially. We understand that we have the capacity, and responsibility, to help support and manage projects that benefit the broader business community. 


With Alberta's loss of resource income and COVID-19, the time to be proactive has passed and it is time to actively engage in projects that will help our business community long term. 

Where to begin? We felt a fresh coat of paint is always a good place to start.

Paint for Prosperity Project will challenge our youth to develop a working board over the 2020 winter months and then manage the project, and execute the project, in the summer of 2021. During this time we will be asking downtown business to apply to have their business facade updated with paint and/or pressure washing, and do minor repairs at a discount cost. 

Paint for Prosperity Project Objectives:

  1. Help business owners update their store fronts on Main Street

  2. Offer facade consultations to downtown business owners to help revitalize the downtown shopping area

  3. Provide real world project-based experience to local youth

  4. Provide 2021 summer jobs opportunities for local youth and job seekers

  5. Engage business owners to discuss future projects

  6. Provide an avenue for local youth to invest in their community

  7. Encourage entrepreneurship in our youth 

Board Development:

CABC staff is currently taking applications to develop a board for the Paint for Prosperity. All applicants must be between 16-25 years of age and provide a resume. The board will spend the 2020 winter months developing the plans to execute the project in summer of 2021. All board positions are volunteer positions and the board will be supported by community partnerships and CABC staff. 

Board Requirements:

  • Attend a weekly meeting at CABC to work the project

  • Elect executive positions

  • Participate in meetings based on Roberts Rules of Order

Once the executive is elected the board will be governed by this executive with support by volunteers, CABC staff and community partners. 

Participate in the Paint For Prosperity Project. 
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If you are applying as a board member, please upload your resume. 

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