Behind the Business Project

Behind the Business Video Project

November 2020

The Central Alberta Business Centre with support from Seniors Engaging in Economical Development (SEED) are creating a community promotional video that we are calling ‘Behind the Business’ to feature the great businesses within our community.  This video will be composed of still shots of local businesses and their owners or manager(s) amalgamated together to show our business community as a whole.  We are familiar with many of our local businesses, but we don’t always know the people behind them, so we will be creating this fantastic engagement tool for customers both inside and outside of our community. 


We ask that all pictures be submitted by November 16th at 5pm.  This will allow us to create a video that will act as a business community advertising piece for our busy Christmas season.  

The Central Alberta Business Centre will be collecting all pictures and developing the final product.


Note: If you are taking your picture with a phone, please turn it to horizontal/landscape mode.  This format will work better for the video and allow us to create a higher quality product.  

Open for Business

To participate, the owner or manager must submit a picture, of themselves in front, or inside, their business.  You can submit your picture to

This project made possible by the New Horizons for Seniors support

For more information about this project please call 403-743-0347 or email